our flood detector

Flood Detector

peace of mind against water leaks

The Wireless Flood Detector quickly detects and alerts you to the presence of even small water leaks. From the kitchen to a basement, from a water tank to a refrigerator, our Wireless Flood Detector is easy to install and can save homeowners untold damages.

In the case of a leak, the Wireless Flood Detector will send a notification immediately to your smartphone device. With all around protection, the Wireless Flood Detector continues to work even when the security system is disarmed, for full peace of mind.

Water damage is a common problem but can result in seriod damage. Whether it be a burst pipe, a leaky roof or toilet, even faulty windows, the smallest leak can lead to £'000s in damage. The majority of homeowner insurance policies cover damage caused by water leaks, but only if the leak is detected and reported promptly. By installing a Wireless Flood Detector, accidents can be prevented in a timely and cost-effective manner.


batteries included


meets European Standards for RF Immunity meaning other signals can't interfere with the sensor.


cable between detector and sensor

81 x 35 x 32mm

in size

Expert review

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Often Overlooked
“The damage that can be water can cause is often overlooked. Detecting leaks quickly can avoid extensive damage and save you money. This is an ideal addition to provide protection and well as security.”

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