our pet pir with camera

Pet PIR Camera

sleek design pir with camera

The wireless PIR camera detector is a battery powered PIR detector with a difference...... it includes an integrated camera for visual verification.

Upon an intrusion event, or if requested by the homeowner, the camera captures and transmits a sequence of images to the alarm panel which are then sent to your monitoring account so you can see exactly what is happened within the area covered by the PIR.

The images can then be viewed on your smartphone app or on the website and are stored for future reference. The visual verification feature enables self-monitoring and also reduces the number of false alarms, increasing peace of mind for you and saving time you stress and worry should your alarm be activated. 


pet friendly for pets up to this weight 


coverage area


batteries included


sensitivity modes


images are stored on PIR until confirmation that the panel has received them


meets European Standards for RF Immunity meaning other signals can't interfere with the sensor. 

132 x 68 x 56mm 

small and discreet

Expert review

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Total Peace of Mind
“With this PIR, never again will your alarm trigger and there be any doubt as to what caused the alarm. This is like the icing on the cake when it comes to peace of mind.”

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