you install it

Your bespoke system will delivered ready to install and we provide you with detailed instructions and your own Support Consultant to answer any queries.

3. YOU Install it

We provide all the fixings required for the installation, these include both self adhesive pads for detectors as well as screws.

The panel can be desktop mounted or screwed to a wall and is plugged into a mains electricity socket using supplied plug cable.

The fixing height of the PIR mounting is c. 2 metres so you will need a small step ladder or other way to mount at this height.

If you order a decoy or live siren unit to be placed on the outside of your house, this will require screwing to the wall and can be mounted at a height convenient to you. The live siren unit has numerous tamper switches so don't worry if you have to mount it lower down the wall. 

We even supply free drill bits of the right size, if you decide to use screws to mount your system. 

what next ?

Once you have installed your alarm, simply use the link below to request you Check Service.

This service is free and we will remotely check the set up of your system and confirm that everything is set up correctly.

request check it servicefind out about our check servicewant help ?