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With over 35 years experience as a global leader in security manufacturing, the Bulldog Secure Alarm is the fully professional alarm system that you install yourself in less than 60 minutes to protect your home and family. 

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Welcome to your professional (self installed) alarm

The thought has always been that to get a quality, high end security intruder alarm it has to be installed by a professional..... we turn this thinking on its head.

The Bulldog Secure Alarm is a professional, insurance rated alarm system, available with a wide range of accessories. You Design It, We Configure It, You Install It, We Check It.....supporting you every step of the way. All the benefits of a professional installed alarm, without the high costs.

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One system to rule them all

Full control at your fingertips and always in touch with your home.

The Bulldog Secure Alarm is, we believe, the highest featured, best value, self install system available. Delivered direct to you, fully configured and set up just the way you want it. No complicated programming, no fussy wiring, if you can pop a plug into a socket, then you can install the Bulldog Secure Alarm.

BUILD MY Bulldog secure ALARM


The Bulldog Secure Alarm uses fully professional grade, insurance rated, wireless 2-Way technology that complies to the most stringent European standards and offers a range of components that can be developed into a bespoke security and safety system to protect your home, family or business.

Unlike other DIY systems which use inferior wireless technology, do not meet European or insurance standards and offer no integrated support, we sell direct and provide the support you need to design and install your own system.

At Bulldog Alarms we make buying, using and maintaining your system hassle free. Need a new sensor ? No problem... we remotely progarmme it for you so when it's delivered just pop it up. Want to protect against leaks, smoke or want sensors with cameras in .... we have a sensor for all these and more. 

always connected

Forgot to set your alarm, want to see if your children are home, want to check the status of the alarm ? This is all possible via the smartphone app, available for Android and iOS, which offers you a total control and monitoring solution in the palm of your hand. If your system should be triggered, our app will send you a push notification straight to your phone along with details of what zone has caused the activation. PLUS with our wireless camera sensors, you will be sent images of what triggered your alarm.

Plan now to protect your home as dark nights draw in

Your new alarm is just 4 steps away

design, buy and install your own system

We give you the tools and support to design your own system, deliver it to you fully configured just how you want it and provide how to instructions on installing your alarm. Here's how to do it: 



Using our simple guide, we help you decide the parts you need to make up your perfect Bulldog Secure Alarm.... 



Using your design, we build your system and configure all parts to work perfectly together and set up your smartphone access....



Your bespoke system will delivered ready to install and we provide you with detailed instructions and your own Support Consultant.... 



Once installed, simply let your Support Consultant know so we can carry out a full remote inspection to ensure that your system is set up correctly and provide you an inspection report....

the potential hidden costs with a professionally installed alarm


Many professsional installers will have a website with a low price, however the equipment within the price won't give the right level of protection for your home. Add more detectors and watch the price spiral upwards.

Service / Rental Contracts

Once the alarm is installed, a professional installer may try and sign you up to an annual service contract cost for up to 3 years, costing around £100 - £120 per annum. Others may charge you rental on the equipment so you never own the equipment in your home.

Lock Down

Once your new professionally installed alarm is in place, the installer will lock the sytem down by way of an 'Installer PIN Code' meaning you cannot make any changes to the system. Only the installer can change the settings or expand the system, again costing you more! Want changes made to your system and this may cost £50 - £75 per change.

Emergency Call Out

Many professionally installed systems cannot be reset by the home owner once the system has triggered. This needs to be done by the installer once they have established the cause of the activation. This may be done remotely or at your home and can cost between £30 - £75 per reset.

we do things differently.....

At Bulldog we don't believe that security should be complicated or expensive and have spent over 35 years developing high security products and services available to all without the need for professional installation. When you buy a Bulldog Secure Alarm, you own the system and we don't charge you extra to set up the system, we don't lock you out of the system, you control how the system works and when you want to make any changes, this is all done at no extra charge.

As you own the system, if you move home you can take the system with you and we'll even help you set up in your new home, again at no cost. 

The only annual charge you pay is a small fee to connect the alarm panel to the mobile phone network using a secure 24/7 always on data connection. This connection allows you to monitor and control your alarm via your smartphone or website and costs just £3.99 per month paid annually in advance. We provide you with smartphone and web based access to your system and full support. Find out more.  

So, what does a bulldog secure alarm cost?

You can design your alarm to meet your exact needs and offers great value. We provide clear, transparent pricing and you fully own the system.

All example kits below include smart alarm panel with smartphone and web monitoring / management capability PLUS support and help from the Bulldog Alarm Team PLUS 3 YEAR WARRANTY 

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Starter Kit ideal for homes with 1 / 2 main rooms downstairs or  apartments

1 PIR Detector + 1 Door Contact

1 Key Fob

Bulldog Branded Decoy Siren Unit

Option to upgrade PIR to include camera 

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Ideal for homes with 2 / 3 main rooms downstairs

2 PIR Detectors + 1 Door Contact

1 Key Fob

Bulldog Branded Decoy Siren Unit

Option to upgrade PIR to include camera 

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Ideal for homes with 3 /4 main rooms downstairs

4 PIR Detectors + 2 Door Contact

1 Key Fob

Bulldog Branded Decoy Siren Unit

Option to upgrade PIR to include camera 

Design your alarm to meet your own needs starting at just £299.

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Over 35 years experience

At Bulldog Secure we draw upon over 35 years experience in security manufacturing and design to provide you a home and small business solution that is designed around your own needs and those of your property. We are serious about security and have become one of the leading global names in high security solutions selling our products in over 25 countries worldwide

Installing your professional grade alarm systems is now a reality.....

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Unlike many providers who sell alarms online or in a DIY store, Bulldog Secure believe in supporting you at every stage to ensure we supply and support you with the best possible alarm system to protect your home and family.

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Our long held passion for designing and delivering the best in security means that we control every aspect of your security alarm solution from design, configuration, supply, network connections and ongoing support. 

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The Bulldog Secure Alarm System can easily be expanded to include protection from fire, smoke and flood. PLUS we specialise in developing bespoke detector solutions to meet the most demanding situations. 

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The Bulldog Secure Alarm meets Grade 2 EN50131 which is a European security standard asessing how resilient an alarm system is to attack and environmental factors. Virtually no other DIY alarm system meets this standard.

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Your alarm panel has been optimised to work with a self monitoring cloud service and there's no having to worry about configuring your home broadband, find a mobile network provider or complicated programming to get it online.

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We do all the hard work for you, so there's no need to spend hours reading a 30 page instruction manual. Each part of the your system is clearly marked so you know where to mount it and how it will operate.

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