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Pet theft is a constant worry for owners as their beloved cat or dog is seen as a member of the family. Recent media articles report that dog theft in the sleepy county of Shropshire are up by a huge 37% in the past 12 months*.

Such thefts are both distressing and present a constant worry for owners who are afraid to leave their dogs in the garden for fear of being stolen. Added to that is the worry that intruders may break into your home to steal not just your dog but also, exotic or other valuable pets.

As a business who loves our dogs, Bulldog have a range of accessories that can be quickly and easily added on the Bulldog Secure Alarm to provide even greater peace of mind. Added to that, our system can be configured to allow you to permanently protect parts of your house or garden and easily turn the alarm on or off from your smartphone.

For Outside

We have developed a range of sensor that can be fitted to gates, so should someone walk through your gate to try and steal your pet the alarm will trigger, sound the siren and send you a push notification to your phone.

In addition, CCTV can be easily added to your Bulldog Secure Alarm to cover the garden and keep an eye on your pets. This easy to fit system can be view through our smartphone app and take images should there be unauthorised entry into your garden or other protected area.

Where dogs are kept in outdoor kennels consider increasing security / re-enforcing the door and fitting a detector on the door.

For Inside

All our PIR Detectors are pet friendly as long as your pet is less than 36kg, so you can protect the room where your dog spends their time without the worry of triggering the alarm. Should any attempt be made to break into the room where your pet is, the intruder will be detected by the PIR and trigger the alarm, sound the siren and notify you through your smartphone.

For added protection, our Camera PIR Detectors are also safe to use with pets and will capture any signs of an intrusions and send you images so you can see exactly what is happening in real time.

Laptop and Phone App

How to protect your pet from theft

Don't advertise the fact you have a pet and ideally keep your pet out of sight of the front of your house. This will prevent passersby identifying a property where there is a pet that may be worth stealing.

Secure your dog in a locked room or crate and fit a PIR to detector sense any intrusion into that area.

Don't leave your pets unattended outside for long periods or whilst you are away from home. Keep them in a secured area, where ideally the only access is via a locked gate.

Whilst it won't stop a pet being stolen, ensure it is microchipped and your details are kept up to date. This way if it is taken and later found you can be reunited.

In Summary.....

Remember - The security of your pet depends on you.

*Shropshire Star March 21st 2019